Hi, i’m Umberto aka Nirvanico, this funny nickname had a long time story, it begins when I was school, and I had chosen is as my “war-name” when was playing CoD2 at school with my schoolmates, actually I’m a newbie wordpress front-end dev, I love do themes and love the flexibity of wordpress as CMS,before I was using Joomla!,but now I think its a bit surclassed,IMO… I also like to using good raw html,css and a bit of jquery. I’m a open source fan and I prefer using it.

Dev Skill

  • HTML5
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Foundation 6
  • nodeJS (grunt,npm and stuff like this)
  • Wordpress theming and a bit of backend knowledge…
  • UIkit
  • JQuery
  • JQueryUI
  • JavaScript
  • a bit of PHP
  • basic of MySql
  • knowledge of Ubuntu Distro

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